Procurement and Business Development

Rocio Development is a consulting company active in the core areas of procurement and investment management, contract intermediation and business development. We provide you with exceptional professional services as well as an extensive range of contacts and networks in countries all over the globe.

Consultancy from Experience

Strategy is what we do best. Our customers benefit from our years of experience in the international business world. We support you throughout the entire investment and development process being right by your side when you set vital milestones for the future of your organization. Every step is carefully aligned with your business strategy because your success is our objective.

Investment Procurement Support

Industrial investments are a challenge of their own. Whether you are planning a new facility, warehouse or office building, we can provide you the following services in order to ease the process:

location and site selection / evaluation

negotiations with local authorities

applying for and obtaining all necessary permits and licenses

budget and time planning

planner selection

value engineering

contractor sourcing

coordination of tender process

presentation for management decision

claim management

Business Development

If your company is looking for matching contracts in the area of capital goods (building, utilities, machinery) and wants to develop its market participation in one of our countries of actuation we can help you with the following:

identification of potential tenders

analysis of potential and suitable tenders

application and admission in the chosen tenders

evaluation and analysis of potential competitors

search for joint venture partners (consortium) if necessary

bid preparation

technical and commercial negotiation

contract negotiation

network and lobby work with major contract placing companies

Real Estate Development

How about combining the individuality of a made-for-you commercial building with the freedom and security of rental or leasing? Let us find the perfect premises, take care of the financing and build a fully-customized warehouse, office building or production hall especially for you. Then you simply lease or rent the building. In short: We do the groundwork, so you can focus on what you do best. We offer you the following modular real estate services for your support:

location and site selection / evaluation


building development


building construction

long term leasing or rental

Global Expertise

We take pride in being an active consultancy in countries around the world. Markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas are on our map of experience, which is ever expanding. You can count on our profound business experience in the following countries:

Europe: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Spain
Asia: People’s Republic of China, Thailand
North America: Mexico, United States
South America: Brazil

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